American Metalcraft

We are Agents and Master Distributors,  for Italy, in the HO.RE.CA. Business, of leading companies in the world,

and we offer twenty years of experience of service in the Italian market, matching offer to demand. 


We are committed to seeking high quality products within world known manufacturers leaders in the Foodservice industry, and offering them to our market  at the best possible conditions,

stocking them and offering logistics for more than 2.000 items which are presented in our JUST IN TIME catalogue. 


In short, shorten THE GAP (between manufacturer and end-user) How?


By taking care of all the crucial aspects and services necessary to facilitate this service.

Our office will take care of :


  • Communicating and negotiating with foreign suppliers, who very rarely have Italian speaking staff in their Customer Service department;

  • Translating and generating documentation in Italian (purchase order, order confirmations and backorders’ handling, if and when originated);
  • Ensuring payment in Italy, thus having the possibility to consider SMILE as to have ONE vendor to access different companies, following and ensuring the payment process, offering the option to use Smile's service as one-stop-shop, where buying leading world-known brands.
  • One-stop-shop where to buy leading companies in the world.

Our international Customer Service department comprises of four experienced professionals, with a high customer focus attitude.


The benefits to our customers?  Easy access to leading brands, lower operating costs, consulting service and advice during the product research phase, and guarantee to always provide qualified products deriving from years of researching the industry, traveling international trade shows, and building long-term relationship with prominent manufacturers.


We have invested for you.


Smile : news, ideas, alternatives.

From all over the world. And we never stop.


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